Virtual Yorkshire Garden Railway Show 2020

September 29th

Unfortunately this is a close as we can get to showing you our kits today. Rest assured we are still beavering away deep in the Nottinghamshire countryside to produce laser cut and 3D printed kits for your garden railway. We had hoped to have a few new kits on display today but we are still awaiting delivery of some key components. Please check back on our website over the next couple of weeks, we will be putting them on-line just as soon as we are in a position to ship them.

Upcoming kits include:

  • A longer version of our new engine shed (Thanks Mark Thatcher for your review !)
  • “Nutty” Sentinel Steam Locomotive in Sixteen mill. Click here for further details
  • A small SM32 van based on our Bursledon Guards van.
  • A SM45 gauge version of our Talyllyn Slate wagon
  • A 7/8 scale , bow ended wagon similar to our sixteen mill Southwold wagon

Also today we have a couple of youTube videos for you.

Ever wanted to watch a Laser Cutting machine at work ? Well here is your chance! Click Here

Want to “weather” your rolling stock a bit but not sure where to start ? Click here for some ideas

Anyway , hope you enjoy the show and look forward to seeing you in person next year !

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