Accucraft 30mm disc wheels


Set of fours steel wheels for use with our 7/8 Deptford wagons

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We stock these 30mm diameter wheels for use with our 7/8 to the foot Sand Hutton wagons


Axles trimmed to size

Please not that we have cut the overly long (in our view) axles to a shorter length so we can keep our underframes to a scale width. The 32mm gauge wheels have axles 60mm long and the 45mm gauge wheels have 70mm long axles.

3D printed inserts

Each wheel is mounted onto the axle via a precision machined nylon bush to provide an insulated wheelset if you use track power.

Available in both 32mm and 45 mm gauges ; 30mm in diameter.

Please note these are steel and not stainless steel wheels. Whilst this allows better paint adhesion if you choose to paint them, they will gain a fine layer of rust if you pack them away for the winter while still damp. If you don’t like an authentic rusty look we suggest you give them an occasional squirt of oil !





Product Dimensions


32mm gauge, 45mm gauge

Tread Diameter

24 mm

Flange Diameter

29 mm

Axle Journal Diameter

2 mm

Flange Thickness (at root)

2 mm

Tread Width

3.5 mm