Corris Iron Bodied Wagon


A one ton wagon kit based on those used by the Corris Railway in Wales

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This model is based on one of the various one-ton iron bodied mineral wagons used by the Corris Railway in mid-wales. These wagons were unusual in having wooden underframes but iron bodywork. The Corris railway was acquired by the Great Western railway in 1929 so this wagon is probably the smallest wagon type operated by the GWR.

3D printed riveted body strapping

These are produced by “Selective Laser Sintering” in an engineering grade nylon and many customers have assumed that they’re castings rather than 3D printed. The parts come pre-coloured in “charcoal black” and provide an attractive and rugged addition to the model. Fitting is easy as the row of bolts push through a matching row of holes in the body to provide positive location and matching bolts on each side of the body panel.

Brake gear

This kit features SLS nylon brake lever, brake shoes and lever arms.

Laser cut body parts

The body parts are cut from a new laser safe plastic which is easy to glue and paint. Sheet edges and rivet heads are engraved on wagon floors so the wagon looks good even if you choose not to add a suitable wagon load.

New style center coupler

Also included is our new style center buffer designed to be fully compatible with other manufactures kits. Our coupler is 3D printed in SLS nylon featuring captive coupler links that won’t get lost when the wagon derails.

Available in 32mm (O) gauge only.

Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


134 mm (over buffers)


68 mm


65 mm


Nylon 24mm curly spoke

Track Gauge

32 mm ("O"Gauge)