Greenbat BEV Locomotive


A 32mm gauge ready to run model or kit of a genuine battery electric locomotive.

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Greenbat was the trade name for the railway locomotives built by Greenwood & Batley Company in Leeds. The company specialised in electric locomotives, particularly battery-powered types for use in mines and other hazardous environments. Customers were able to purchase a Greenbat BEV locomotive in a variety of gauges from 18 inches up to standard gauge.

A particular feature of these locomotives was their removable battery boxes. This allowed the customer to purchase an additional battery box that could be charged up while the locomotive was working. Thus the locomotive’s discharged battery could be swapped for a freshly charged one with the minimum delay.

Our new Greenbat BEV locomotive has been designed by Harry Billmore who based the model on one currently working on the Steeple Grange railway in Derbyshire (although some liberties have been taken to allow an eighteen inch gauge to run on 32mm gauge track). The locomotive features four wheel drive from a 12 volt micro motor and gearbox. We have found the model runs quite happily either on either a 6 or 9 volt battery.

We are selling this 32 mm gauge model locomotive in two forms

Ready To Run

Price £140. Manual control in green livery (driver figure not included)

Kit Form

Price £90. Kit features :

  • prebuilt and tested working four wheel drive chassis (no soldering required).
  • 3D printed nylon axle box covers and name plates
  • Cast resin end plates

N.B This item incurs our “Bulky Postage” rate (see the delivery charges page)

Product Dimensions


Ready-To-Run Greenbat, Greenbat Kit


188 mm (over buffers)


88 mm


95 mm


Nylon 24mm disc

Track Gauge

32mm gauge


Supplied with a PP9 (9 volt) alkaline battery.