Ruston 20DL Chassis


A 32mm gauge ready to run powered locomotive chassis

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Now available for the home builder is our pre-assembled Ruston 20DL chassis we supply in our Ruston kit. Its compact size and low slung motor make it a suitable foundation for a wide variety of projects for your railway.

32mm (1 1/4 inches) gauge only

Ruston chassis dimensions

The chassis features.

12 volt micro motor and gearbox

The chassis uses a 12 volt micro motor and gearbox that we have found runs quite happily on either a 6 or 9 volt battery. The gearbox is enclosed within a 3D printed bracket to prevent any grit getting into the gearing.

Four wheel drive

Both wheels are powered by a delrin chain from the gearbox drive sprocket. The motor gearbox mounting bracket incorporates a small amount of adjustment so that any chain slack that develops during service can be taken up.

SLS Nylon Axle boxes

The axles run in axle boxes, 3D printed in an engineering grade nylon. These only require the occasional application of a light lubricating oil for many years trouble free service.

5 way connecting block

All electrical connections are made to a 5 way terminal block to facilitate the easy addition of radio control if required.


Product Dimensions


119 mm


62 mm


78 mm


Nylon 24mm disc

Track Gauge

32mm gauge


4-12 volts