Sand Hutton Extra Detail Pack


Extra detail items for addition to our first batch of 7/8 scale Sand Hutton wagon


As a result of customer feedback, we have created some additional detail parts for our Sand Hutton / Deptford supply wagon for inclusion in future batches of this wagon. For those customers who have already purchased one of these kits we are offering this Sand Hutton extra detail pack.

The pack contains the following SLS printed nylon parts

Dumb buffer caps

The original wagons had steel plate wrapped around the wooden dumb buffers to protect these parts. The pack contains four black nylon caps which can be slipped over the dumb buffers to represent these plates.

Chassis side plates

The prototype under-frame had strengthening steel plates on the outside of the sole-bars. The pack contains two nylon plates complete with stud and nut details to represent these.

Wheel inserts

The prototype MacLellan disc wheels had a distinctive 5 spoke pattern on top of the solid disc back. The first batch of kits were supplied with Acuucraft  30mm diameter disc wheels. These inserts are designed to fit into the front recess of these wheels so as to represent this distinctive design

Please note that these details are now included in the wagon kits