Wooden Station Platform


A range of modular wooden platform kits.

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Each of these kits make a simple wooden station platform suitable for both 32mm and 45mm gauge railways. The top face being engraved to represent a planked surface.

Three platform sizes are available and each kit comes with a pair of “step ends” and a connector plate. The modeller is thus able to join several of these modules together to build a longer platform to fit their particular site.

We recommend using water proof PVA woodworking glue (e.g. Evo-stik Resin “W” in the blue bottles) for this kit. Even though the kit has been cut from exterior quality 5mm plywood, we recommend regularly treating the completed kit with a spirit based wood preserver or creosote substitute.

Wood preserver and glue are not included in these kits.

Wide Platform Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


Long, Short, Wide


1.5 cm