Hudson Faro Axle Guards (16 mm)


A 3D printed axle guard set based on one found in the “Hudsons of Leeds” catalogue



These Hudson faro axle guards are based on a two coil spring axle guard found in the “Hudsons of Leeds” catalog. Hudsons were one of a number of Yorkshire based railway equipment manufactures who supplied equipment all around the world.

Coil spring axle guards were widely used on many narrow gauge (particularly Ministry Of Defence) railways so the home builder will find many different applications for these axle guards,

Engineering Nylon

The axle guards are made from Selective Laser Sintered nylon with an attractive “charcoal black” finish. An engineering grade nylon is used to give a tough and free running axle guard without the need for separate (and sometimes problematic) bearing inserts although we do recommend lubricating the axle journal with a light machine oil occasionally.

Easy Mounting

The axle guards are simply screwed to your sole bars inner face with the supplied No 2 (i.e. very small) self-tapping screws. Alternatively if you are a “hex head fan” they can be bolted on with 8BA nuts and bolts (not supplied). The mounting plate is significantly larger ( 30mm x 8mm) than some on the market so that:

  1. It is possible to get you screw driver onto the screw head without the wheel rim getting in the way.
  2. The axle guard is held in the correct perpendicular position.


To provide compatibility with other makes of steel wheel as well as our own; the Husdon axle guard features 2.2 diameter journal bores. This size provides free running with 2mm journal axle sets.

These axle guards are included in our 4 wheel flat wagon kit.

This home builder packs includes four axle guards and 8 self-tapping screws. I.e. enough for one wagon.

Product Dimensions

Overall Width

30 mm

Overall Height

21 mm

Overall Thickness

7.5 mm

Mounting Hole Centers

24 mm

Mounting Hole Diameter

2.5 mm

Axle Center To Solebar Bottom

7 mm