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New 7/8 Scale Steel Wheels

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained a new range of British made insulated steel wheels for our range of laser cut 7/8 scale wagon kits. Manufactured to the same high standards as our 16 mm scale wheels, they feature wider wheel treads to give a more chunky appearance whilst still negotiating SM32 and G scale point work.

Currently four sizes are available
12 scale inch diameter, 32 mm and 45 mm gauges
16 scale inch diameter, 32 mm and 45 mm gauges

7/8 scale steel wheels

Over the next few weeks we are re-releasing our existing 7/8 scale kits to include these wheels. Our first new kit to include these wheels is our new skip based flat wagon.

The home builder can also purchase these wheels together with matching 3D printed nylon axleboxes.

24 mm 16 mm wheel left; 22 mm 7/8 scale wheel right

Our standard 16 mm scale 24 mm diameter wheels on the left; our new 22 mm diameter 7/8 scale wheels on the right