Permanent Way Department Tool Wagon


A four wheel wagon with working hinged roofs suitable for a Permanent Way Department’s tools.

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This kit is a freelance model of a Permanent Way Department tool wagon and is based on a photo found in an old magazine. However the wagon could be used for any load that needs to be kept dry (e.g. they bear a striking resemblance to “Saxa Salt” wagons).

The permanent way department tool wagon incorporates several features that distinguish it from others on the market.

Pre-assembled Underframe

A pre-assembled acrylic underframe is included so that all the modeller needs to do is clip in the wheels. This ensures that all four wheels sit squarely on the track which greatly aids derailment free running.

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Axle Boxes

A set of sintered nylon axle boxes are provided that simply clip into the under frame. These provide a very free running wheel bearing without the need for brass bushes. They come pre-coloured in a “carbon black” finish which looks attractive without needing any further painting.

Etched Brass Corner Plates

To provide an attractive finish to the wagon’s corners, a set of etched brass corner plates are included. These already have their rivet heads “raised” so all the modeller needs to do is bend them, paint (or chemically blacken) and fix them to the corners.

Other kit features include

  • Choice of 32mm or 45mm gauges
  • Steel wheels
  • Printed nylon brake lever
  • Opening roofs
  • Laser cut plywood body

The kit includes a centre dumb buffer (with hook) set at the correct 24mm above rail head, height. A pair of suitably placed holes is also provided if the customer prefers to replace these with Accucraft chopper couplings (not provided).

Paint and glue are not included

Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


188 mm (over buffers)


88 mm


95 mm


Steel 24mm disc

Track Gauge

32mm gauge, 45mm gauge


Center buffer with hook


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