Ruston 20DL Locomotive


A 32mm gauge ready to run model and kit of one of Ruston and Hornsby’s most succesful narrow gauge locomotives.

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The Ruston 20DL locomotive was produced during the 1940’s, nearly 600 of which were supplied to the Ministry of Supply for use of at military bases, docks, factories etc. Many of these locomotives passed into private use after the war and could be found in mines , quarries (including Penrhyn in North Wales) and other industrial railways until comparatively recently.

The Lincoln based firm of Ruston and Hornsby were one of the most prolific builders of narrow gauge locomotives in the country. These were produced in a variety of gauges from 18 inches up to standard gauge and their products were arguably the best on the market. One of the key features of Ruston’s locomotives were their 3 speed constant mesh gear boxes which allowed single handed gear changing. This allowed the driver to control the locomotive while walking beside the locomotive.

Our model locomotive features four wheel drive from a 12 volt micro motor and gearbox. We have found the model runs quite happily either on either a 6 or 9 volt battery.

We are selling this 32 mm gauge model locomotive in two forms

Ready To Run

Price £160. Manual control in brunswick green livery (Lipo battery and charger included)

N.B This option incurs our “Bulky Postage” rate (see the delivery charges page)

Kit Form

Price £95. Kit features :

  • prebuilt and tested working four wheel drive chassis (no soldering required).
  • 3D printed body components
  • Over a dozen high quality “SLS” nylon detailing components

Ruston 20DL Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


Ready-To-Run R20DL, R20DL Kit


135 mm (over buffers)


62 mm


78 mm


Nylon 24mm disc

Track Gauge

32mm gauge


Supplied with a PP9 (9 volt) alkaline battery.