Woolwich Ammunition Van (7/8 scale)


A small four wheel van used on the Royal Arsenal Railway in Woolwich  to transport gunpowder


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This Woolwich ammunition van kit is based on the covered 4 wheel vans used to carry gunpowder on the Royal Arsenal Railway. Little is known of these vans’ history apart from they appear to be based on the 2.5 tonne shipping trucks used in the neighbouring Deptford depot. After the war, the war office sold off large quantities of “war surplus” stock from various war office sites to private enterprises and so some of these wagons could easily have ended up on your railway.

A single example survives in the Conwyn museum in North Wales.

Please click on “Product Dimensions” to the left to get the model’s measurements. This is kit is available in both SE32 and SE45 scales, for information on scale and gauges click here.

This kit features:

Easy To Assemble Chassis

The model features the characteristic one piece outside pedestal bearings. The chassis parts are cut from premium quality Poplar plywood which slot together to give a nice “square” chassis ensuring good running characteristics with a greatly reduced risk of derailment.

Metal Wheels

This kit is supplied with Accucraft 30mm diameter steel wheels with 3D printed wheel inserts.

Laser Cut Bodywork

The wagon body is cut from premium quality poplar plywood which is easy for the modeler to stain, varnish or paint.

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Detailing

The Woolwich ammunition van  kit includes several detail parts 3D printed in SLS nylon. These include the document clips, door hinges, latch mechanism and the distinctive axle box castings. They come pre-coloured in a satin “charcoal black” finish.


3D printed hook and chain couplings are included in the kit

Preformed Roof

The roof is vacuum formed HIPS sheet. No awkward coaxing of plywood  into a curve and hoping it doesn’t spring back flat once the clamping is removed !


Assembly Instructions

Paint and glue not included in this kit


Product Dimensions


152 mm (over buffers)




150 mm


32mm, 45mm