Cornish Slate Wagon


A small flat wagon based on a Cornish slate wagon

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This model kit is based on a Cornish slate wagon used by the Cornish quarrying industry to transport cut slates from the cutting sheds. However it represents an example of a simple flat-bed wagon suitable for carry a variety of loads, how about a train load of potato sacks from your potato farm?

The model features characteristic curly spoke wheels and inside (brass) bearings. The chassis parts are cut from premium quality MDF board which slot together to give a nice “square” chassis ensuring good running characteristics with a greatly reduced risk of derailment. A central “dumb buffer” is included in the design set at a suitable height to be able to couple to your steam locomotives as well a small industrial diesel.

Two coupling hooks and a brass coupling chain are included as well.

The body and ends are cut from premium quality poplar plywood which may be painted, stained or simply left bare. Both sides of the body work have engraved plank details so that wagon looks good even if no load is being carried.

Available in 32mm (O) gauge only.

Paint and glue not included

Cornish Slate Wagon Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions

Track Gauge

32 mm (O gauge)


130 mm


56 mm


50 mm


Nylon 20mm curly spoke