Grange Farm side tipping wagon Mk2


A medium sized side tipping wagon kit based on those used at a Nottinghamshire ironstone quarry.

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Side tipping wagons were extensively used by narrow gauge industrial railways and range in size from small hand propelled examples up to large wagons capable of carrying several tonnes hauled in long rakes by large locomotives (e.g. the Kettering furnaces railway).

This model kit is based on the side tipper (or dumper) wagons used at the Grange Farm ironstone quarry which was part of the Scaldwell ironstone railway system in Northamptonshire. This is a medium sized example which is big enough to be locomotive hauled but still noticeably smaller than a common carrier open wagon. The prototype was constructed with an oak inside frame and an elm planked body. The body “rocked” sideways on crescent shaped rockers and was retained in place by curved metal slots at each end.

This is an upgraded version of last year’s kit and now features:

3D printed riveted body strapping

These are produced by “Selective Laser Sintering” in an engineering grade nylon and many customers have assumed that they’re castings rather than 3D printed. The parts come pre-coloured in “charcoal black” and provide an attractive and rugged addition to the model

Tipping body and working door

The wagon body now tips on a silver steel pivot rod and a working door is provided complete with new tough nylon door catches

Double sided engraving of body parts

The body parts are cut from premium quality poplar plywood which may be painted, stained or simply left bare. Plank details are engraved on both sides of the body parts so the wagon looks good even if you choose not to add a suitable wagon load.

Available in 32mm (O) gauge only.



Grange Farm Tipper Mk2 Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


134 mm (over buffers)


68 mm


65 mm


Nylon 24mm curly spoke

Track Gauge

32 mm ("O"Gauge)