Tipong Coal Tub


A small steel sided colliery tub based on those still being used at the Tipong coal mine in north east india

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This model is based on the steel sided coal tubs used at the Tipong colliery in north east India. Such wagons were listed as standard items in various railway supplies catalogues (e.g. Robert Hudson, Orenstein & Koppel , etc) so can be legitimately used on your railway wherever it is based.

The model features characteristic four hole disk wheels and inside (brass) bearings. The chassis parts are cut from premium quality MDF board which slot together to give a nice “square” chassis ensuring good running characteristics with a greatly reduced risk of derailment. A central “dumb buffer” is included in the design set at a suitable height to be able to couple to your steam locomotives as well a small industrial diesel.

Two coupling hooks and a brass coupling chain are included as well.

The body is cut from premium quality MDF which may be painted or stained. Engraved rivet strips are included to give the model its characteristic body rivet detail.

Available in 32mm (O) gauge only.

Paint and glue not included


Product Dimensions

Track Gauge

32 mm (O gauge)


110 mm (over buffers)


50 mm


56 mm


Nylon 20mm four hole disc