Trefor Wagon Chassis


Our easy to assemble Trefor wagon chassis to form the basis for your home built wagon.



Our Trefor quarry wagons are proving popular so we are making the Trefor wagon chassis available in our “Home Builder Parts” section.

We think this chassis provides a good starting point for the modeller wanting the pleasure of designing and building their own wagon but appreciates the advantage of starting with well running underframe.

This kit features:

Easy to assemble chassis

The chassis parts are cut from premium “Laser quality” MDF board which slot together to give a nice “square” chassis ensuring good running characteristics with a greatly reduced risk of derailment. Pilot holes are “pre-drilled” for accurate fitting of axle boxes and couplings. Optional coupling mounting plates are provided to allow the modeller to use a variety of couplers (not provided).

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Pedestal Bearings

The model features characteristic curly spoke wheels mounted in outside pedestal bearings. These bearings are 3D printed in SLS nylon and come pre-coloured in a satin “charcoal black” finish. They attach to the chassis with small screws into “pre-drilled” holes for accurate alignment. This means it is possible to remove the wheels for subsequent maintenance.

Wheel Setup Jig

The kit includes a jig to ease the accurate assembly of the 20mm nylon wheels on their axles. This ensures the wheels are set to the correct 28mm “back to back” and the protruding axle lengths are equal.

Couplings, paint and glue not included

Assembly Instructions


Product Dimensions

Track Gauge

32 mm (O gauge)


124 mm




26 mm


Nylon 20mm curly spoke