Bell Mouth Couplers


A range of 3D printed couplers based on a bell mouth coupler found in the “Hudsons of Leeds” catalogue

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We are pleased to announce a new range of 3D printed bell mouth couplers suitable for use on small industrial rolling stock. These bell mouth couplers are included as standard in the new Trefor Quarry wagons. These home builder packs include a pair of buffers ; two “T pins”; a link bar and 4 self tapping screws. I.e. enough for one wagon.

They are based on “Bell Mouth” couplers as supplied by the likes of Hudsons of Leeds; Orenstein & Koppel and Decauville. As in the prototype, the modeller couples the wagons by first inserting a “link bar” into one coupler mouth and dropping a “T pin” down through a hole in the body to trap the link. The link bar is then inserted into the bell mouth on the next wagon and the other link pin is inserted. This allows the wagon to be both pushed and pulled round tight bends.


To provide compatibility with other makes of coupler; the new Bole Laser Craft coupler may be connecting with a traditional three link chain looped over the top of the “T pin”.

Engineering Nylon

The couplers are made from Selective Laser Sintered nylon with an attractive “charcoal black” finish. An engineering grade nylon is used to give a tough and compact coupler.

Easy Mounting

The couplers are simply screwed to your buffer beam with the supplied No 2 (i.e. very small) self-tapping screws. Alternatively if you are a “hex head fan” they can be bolted on with 8BA nuts and bolts (not supplied).

Coupler Dimensions

Size Width Height Length Centers
Small 12mm 8 mm 11 mm 12 mm
Medium 14mm 9 mm 15 mm 14 mm
Large 16 mm 10mm 16 mm 16 mm
Extra large 18mm 12mm 20 mm 18 mm



Product Dimensions

Dimensions N/A
Buffer Face Width

14 mm medium; 12 mm small

Buffer Face Height

9 mm medium; 8 mm small

Mounting Hole Centers

14 mm medium; 12 mm small

Mounting Hole Diameter

2.5 mm

Overall length

15 mm medium ; 11 mm small


Medium, Small, Large, Extra Large