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“Modest Industrials”, a range of SM32 wagon kits

A train of modest industrial SM32 wagon kits

Introducing a range of medium sized SM32 wagon kits based on mining, quarrying and industrial prototypes. The wagons have been scaled to retain their characteristic small size but large enough so their couplings match the 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Association’s guideline height used by the live steam locomotive model manufactures (e.g. Roundhouse and Accucraft).

The kits utilise a number of different materials such as poplar plywood, MDF board, brass bearings, steel axles and nylon wheels. The parts have been designed with many “tabs and sockets” so that they are positively located in the correct position whilst the glue sets.

The wagons are modestly priced (£15-£20) so that a descent sized train of wagon should not break the bank. The price has been kept low by excluding some of the more expensive detail parts (e.g. no white metal castings for instance) but not by compromising on running gear or material quality.

View the Cornish Slate Wagon in our shop

View the Grange Farm Tipper Wagon in our shop

Photo by Dave Billmore