Platelayers Cabin


A laser cut kit of a Platelayers Cabin


This kit is a model of a Platelayers cabin found on many railways around the country. Construction of these cabins or huts varied but always seem to feature a good fireplace or stove (presumably to make the tea). This model can also be used for a variety of purposes e.g. coal office , foreman’s hut or shunters mess.

Birch Plywood Construction

The main structural parts of this kit are laser cut from 3mm birch plywood to give greater weather resistance than our usual poplar plywood

Birch Plywood Detailing

Most of the detailing on this kit is provided by one piece “overlays” cut from 1.5mm birch plywood. This technique allows for an attractive building without the modeller having to glue dozens of tiny pieces in place.

Vacum Formed roof

The roof overlay is vacum formed High Impact Polystyrene Sheet to represent the old quarry tile roof. This also has the virtue of being completely rain proof!

Window frames and glazing are laser cut from polypropelene.

Note: If the modeller intends to leave this building out between running sessions then we highly recommend thoroughly varnishing or painting this structure together with the use of a waterproof PVA adhesive (neither of which is not included in this kit).

Assembly Instructions



Product Dimensions


18 cm


14.5 cm

Overall Height

15.5 cm (to top of chimeny pot)

Eaves Height

10 cm