Trefor Mill Wagon (7/8 scale)


A small side tipper wagon based on a welsh quarry wagon used to transport granite road chippings. This is our 7/8 scale version avaiable with a choice of wheel sets

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The Trefor mill wagon model kit is based on two foot gauge wagons used by the Trefor Quarries (formerly “Trevor”) in the Lleyn Peninsula of North Wales to transport crushed granite chippings from their “stone mill” on the lower quarry level up on the mountain side, down a roped worked incline to a coastal jetty for loading into ships. Here the stone was tipped using wagon “tipplers” into large hoppers for later loading into berthed ships using conveyer belts.

The quarry was rail operated between 1850 and 1962 and a number of locomotives were used including De-Wintons and latterly Hunslet diesels. So there are plenty of modelling possibilities.

This is our 7/8 to the foot vesion of our Mill wagon kit. It available with two different wheel set.

One option includes Slaters 45mm gauge steel rimed wheels and the other includes Binnie Engineering 29mm diameter nylon wheels (which may be set to either 32mm or 45mm gauges).

Please click on “Product Dimensions” to the left to get the model’s measurements.

This kit features:

Easy to assemble chassis

The model features characteristic curly spoke wheels and outside pedestal bearings. The chassis parts are cut from premium quality MDF board which slot together to give a nice “square” chassis ensuring good running characteristics with a greatly reduced risk of derailment. In addition a wheel setting jig is included in the kit that facilitates the easy alignment of the wheels on their axles.

Laser Cut Bodywork

The wagon body is cut from premium quality poplar plywood which is pre-stained in a “light oak” colour. Both sides of the body work have engraved plank details so that wagon looks good even if no load is being carried.

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Detailing

The Trefor mill wagon kit includes several detail parts 3D printed in SLS nylon. These include corner plates, floor support brackets, door hinges, latch mechanism and the distinctive end stanchions. They come pre-coloured in a satin “charcoal black” finish.

Bell Mouth Centre Couplers

Also included is a new design of “bell mouth” coupler,  again 3D printed in SLS engineering grade nylon. These couplers can be used in a prototypical manner with the provided link and pins or in a more traditional “garden railway” way by slipping the supplied coupling chain over the top pin and coupling to the more traditional centre buffers. These couplers can be purchased separately in the home builders section.

Paint and glue not included

Assembly Instructions

Product Dimensions


192 mm (over buffers)




88 mm


Binnie nylon wheels for 32 or 45mm gauges, Slater's steel rimmed wheels 45mm gauge only