Wooden Buffer Stops


A sleeper built buffer stop kit.



This kit makes a simple sleeper built set of ballast filled wooden buffer stops suitable for both 32mm and 45mm gauge sidings.

These buffers are cut from exterior grade plywood so with the addition of suitable wood preserver should be able to live outside all year round. It is intended that the modeller should fill the body with fine gravel or grit (we use “crushed granite dust” available from a well-known chain of builders merchants). This means that the buffers are heavy enough not to blow away in strong winds but will move a little in cases of “heavy shunting”.  The drainage holes cut in the lower base should prevent water collecting within the buffers and so accelerating rot.

It is suggested that the modeller leaves the ballast loose so that it can be removed and the wood retreated every couple of years.

Paint , glue and ballast are not included.

Buffer Stop Assembly Instructions


Product Dimensions


84 mm


82 mm

Front Height

60 mm

Back Height

40 mm