Bursledon Van


A small van suitable for mineral and industrial trains

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This a freelance model of a small van inspired by photos of the guards van used on the Bursledon brickworks railway in Hampshire. It is remarkably small and so a good match for our industrial wagons.

This kit features:

Laser Cut Bodywork

The van body is cut from premium quality poplar plywood which may be painted, stained or simply left bare.

Opening Doors

This model features sliding doors and en engraved plank flooring

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Detailing

The kit includes several detail parts 3D printed in SLS nylon. These include corner plates, door rails and handles. They come pre-coloured in a satin “charcoal black” finish.

3D Printed Sintered Nylon Axle Guards

A set of sintered nylon axle guards are provided that are simply screwed onto the sole bars. These provide a very free running wheel bearing without the need for brass bushes. They come pre-coloured in a “carbon black” finish which looks attractive without needing any further painting.

Quality Steel Wheels

24 mm steel disc wheels are included in the kit. These are precision CNC machined with 2mm journals and have insulated bushes in case you use track power.

Pre-formed Roof

A vacuum formed HIPS roof is included with this kit. No need to try and bend plywood into shape !

Assembly Instructions

Available in 32mm gauge only

Paint and glue are not included


Product Dimensions


152 mm (over buffers)


76 mm


140 mm

Track Gauge

32mm gauge


Medium bell-mouth coupler